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For readers who enjoyed my first two books, I am pleased to announce that the manuscript of my third book, We Were There, is now in the capable hands of Nancy Best. Nancy was able to turn my second book, Never a Dull Moment, into a beautiful work of art and I am confident that she will do justice to We Were There. This next book promises to be the crown jewel in my trilogy of collections about the people of the Adirondacks, and this one has special significance. Every story in We  Were There will feature men and women who were combatants or civilians directly involved in World War II. These stories describe what it was like to grow up in a New York City tenement or a humble shack in the Adirondacks during the Great Depression, witness the emergence of Adolf Hitler's Nazi menace, and join the United States Marines to escape crushing poverty in exchange for protecting America while getting three meals a day. It will include first-hand accounts of being on the receiving end of allied Bombs in Germany and German bombs in England. The reader will learn what it felt like to bail out of an American night fighter, launch torpedoes at a Japanese aircraft carrier, shoot down German V-1 cruise missiles, dodge Japanese Zeros during the Pearl Harbor attack, and watch helplessly as a Japanese kamikaze drop a deadly bomb on an American aircraft carrier during the greatest naval battle in history. With over 70,000 words of text and more than 150 illustrations, We Were There will create such vivid stories that the reader will truly feel like he or she was there. Look for it to come out some time between Spring and Fall 2016 from Indian Lake Press.  The above rendition of the cover is subject to further editing and refinement, but this will give you an idea of what to expect.



On July 15-16, 2015, I enjoyed the sixth expedition of the League of Extraordinary Adirondack Gentlemen (LEAG), which was a glorious overnight outing to Forked Lake. We explored the Brandreth Lake outlet and the former site of Frederick Durant's The Cedars Great Camp. Pete Hornbeck, Rick Davidson, Rich Rosen, Bill McKibben, Tom Curley, Tom Bessette and myself were present, while our guide and historian Mike Prescott was on assignment for PBS working on an Adirondack documentary and our resident folksinger Dan Berggren had a gig that week. The weather, water and cameraderie were perfect, and hopefully members of the Adirondack Moutain Club can read all about it in next summer's Adirondac  magazine. In August 2015, my illustrated account of the 2014 expedition to Long Lake, Raquette and Cold Rivers was published as the cover story in the current July-August 2015 issue. You can see the photos from this year's outing by clicking my "photo album" tab at the top of this page. Also check out the excellent photos by Tom Bessette, the newest member of the LEAG. his images can be found at his website


In October 2013, after nine years of work, my second book, Never a Dull Moment, was published. Within its 160 pages are 32 different vignettes and over 120 photographs describing the people and landscape of the southern Adirondacks. Patients, physicans, friends, Adirondack characters and legends are all to be found in stories that will entertain, amuse or amaze the reader.


If you are interested in the book, please review this link to Andy Flynn's excellent article in the North Creek News-Enterprise about my experience publishing my own book at this link:


Andy does a great job summarizing the ordeal and the motivation for putting hundreds of hours into this project. Also, Leigh Hornbeck did an equally nice writeup of my work in the digital Albany Times Union on January 19th, 2014 at this link:


She also included a slide show of our interview and some of the pictures from the book.


The book is off to a great start with over 1000 copies already sold. Anyone looking for a copy of Never a Dull Moment or All In a Day's Work should be able to find at least the soft-cover version at the Chapman Museum and Glens Falls Hospital gift shops in Glens Falls, ACE Hardware in Queensbury, Miller Art & Frame in Warrensburg, Hudson River Trading Company in North Creek, the Adirondack Museum in Blue Mountain Lake, Pine's Hardware in Indian Lake, Hoss's Country Corner in Long Lake, the Crossroads Contry Store in Chestertown, Trees Gift Shop in Bolton Landing and the Northshire Bookstore in Saratoga Springs. You can also order one on or directly from me by contacting me directly. Just click on the "contact" tab above and send me an email with your questions and order information.


I am also working on an account of the latest outing of the League of Extraordinary Adirondack Gentlemen which was on August 20th and 21st 2014 on Long Lake. It should be published any day now. Tragically, our esteemed member Noel Davis passed away recently but he will be long remembered for his stoic endurance and lust for life and adventure. You can see photographs of our 2014 expedition in the new LEAG photo album. Click on the Photo Album tab above to see these and other photographs. 


In collaboration with the Family Medicine Education Consortium (FMEC), I am able to offer paper and hardcover copies of my first book All In a Day's Work: Scenes and Stories from an Adirondack Medical Practice at both wholesale and retail prices. Check my "store" page for details.


 Those who are interested in my photography can now see a sample of my portfolio here, including ways to order custom-made prints which can be matted and framed. Your feedback is welcome- send me an email if you have questions!



Finally, I am the proud grandpa of the most beautiful little baby girl in the world, Cara Elizabeth Kapoor! My daughter Emily and her husband Shawn became parents on August 21st 2013, and they certainly know how to make a beautiful baby! Check my photo album page for her own album. I will be adding many more in the weeks and years to come!