All three of my books, "All in a Day's Work", "Never a Dull Moment" and "We Were There" are in print in both soft- and hard-cover versions.  Here is my retail price list for each book:

           Soft cover   Hard cover

1-3 copies     $25 each   $40 each

4-8 copies    $20 each   $33 each9-15 copies    $16 each   $25 each

>15 copies    $15 each   $20 each

If you live in New York State, the tax is 7%, unless you are a retailer buying them for resale, in which case a NYS Tax resale form must be provided by email or snail mail. Shipping in the United States will be $3.00 by USPS Media Mail for one book, and $2 more for each additional book.

I will accept personal checks and money orders mailed to my Indian Lake address:     

Adirondack Images by Daniel Way
PO Box 719
Indian Lake, NY 12842

I will also accept payments through Paypal, using my Hotmail address which is

Plese send me an email at when you send me a check by mail so I can get the book(s) ready to ship before I even receive the check.

Below you will see my price list for original high-quality color prints of different sizes that will be produced by the Blackburn Gallery. 

Blackburn price list

Print Size   Price    

8 x 10     $40.00    

11x14    $75.00     

16x20    $100.00 

20x24    $150.00

Custom sizes can be produced as well. Please contact the gallery for details at 1-800-734-5926

Finally, my digital album of over 900 scanned Seneca Ray Stoddard images is available for $24.95 plus 7% sales tax for residents of New York State, or $14.95 for 5 or more copies.


         "All In a Day's Work" in soft and hard cover



                              Never a Dull Moment

          We Were There


SR Stoddard Album 

 High quality color photographic prints


Meanwhile, if you see a photo of mine and you want to order one let me know and I can make sure your order is processed as soon as possible.