More great feedback on "We Were There"!

 I just receive the kindest email from Dr Robert Flynn, which I want to share with anyone who is interested in my third book, "We Were There":

> Dear Dan.      My name is Bob Flynn.  I am a physician, a psychiatrist, in
> Clifton Park NY and I recently found your book We Were There in an antique
> shop in Warrensberg.  I found it very, very engaging. I was born in May of
> 1941 and in some sense was there too, though stateside and as a very young
> child. I do have some earliest memories that reflect the war through the
> eyes of a three and four years old boy. Two of my father's brothers were
> POWs captured in the battle of the Bulge just before Christmas of 1944.
> Another of my father's brothers lived in my family's home after he
> retired from the Army in 1946 and at times was a surrogate father for me
> and my siblings. He was a Captain who was an adjutant to Gen. Omar Bradley
> at some point in the war. I only know this because he took me and my
> brother to a reunion of the 28th Infantry Division at Indiantown Gap, PA.
> There the Gen. spotted my uncle , made a fuss about him and was introduced
> to my brother and me, maybe about 1951.
> In any case your book made me regret once more that I never had those
> uncles tell me more about what they went through. Sadly the last of those
> men died in 1989 with most of their stories untold.
> Your book however made me feel that I knew their experiences better.  I
> could not put some of those stories down. Because of that I want an
> eighty-some year old friend to read your book and I don't want to give my copy up, (so I am buying another copy for him).

Dr Robert Flynn MD

Clifton Park NY


I am a grandfather- again!!

Our son Andy and his wonderful wife Natalia have blessed Harriet and I with their first child and our fourth grandchild and second grandson, Mateo Antonio Way! He is named after his maternal great grandfather and he is a cute little fellow! We are proud AND relieved, since we have waited eight months to be able to hold these two healthy, adorable tykes in our arms. Life is good!


                           Mateo Antonio Way



LEAG webpage created

After eight years of paddling with an esteemed group of true gentlemen on various Adirondack lakes and rivers, I have finally found the time to create a webpage for our League of Extraordinary Adirondack Gentlemen. Please check it out by clicking on the LEAG page above. Our 2017 expedition to Newcomb Lake and Camp Santanoni will be featured in the Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) magazine Adirondac next summer. FYI, You must be a member of ADK to receive the magazine. 

I am a grandfather- again!!

On Friday September 22, my third grandchild by my daughter Emily was born. Tessa Kapoor is the spitting image of her now-4-year-old big sister Cara when she was born. That guarantees that Tessa will be a beautiful, headstrong, enchanting little girl in a couple years! Her big brother Jay and Cara are happy that "the baby in Mommy's belly" has finally arrived- almost as much as their mommy is!


Nice article in The Sun!

Christopher South wrote a very nice article about the retirement party mentioned in my August 9 blog. You can read it by clicking on this link:

Thank you Chris for your thoughtful article! Here is a picture of Brian Wells the Indian Lake town supervisor presenting me with a very nice resolution from the town board, which I will treasure always!