Enjoying the autumn Adirondack scenery with Harriet


Harriet and I enjoyed the beautiful Adirondack weather last weekend, climbing Watch Hill between the western shore of Indian Lake and the slopes of Snowy Mountain, then hiking along the Cedar River to Pashley Falls. We are very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of Mother Earth! Check out these views:


I made the bookmobile! 

The Adirondack Center for Writing has included my book We Were There in the Adirondack Bookmobile! Check out the story at this link:


Thanks to Natalie Thill at the ACW for letting me know!


Bill McKibben speaks at the Wild Center

Bill McKibben gave an inspiring and highly motivating talk about the latest assessment of Climate Change as part of his most recent book tour. He is promoting his newest book, "Falter", which describes the rapidly progressing imact of climate change on our planet, and what we will need to do about it. He is rapidly becoming the nation's avatar for climate change action. I recommend that if you care about what happens to our childrens' and grandchildrens' planet, you reaad his book and join the fight against those who continue to profit from the fossil fuel industry and pretend that climate change is just a hoax. He hs founded the environmental organization 350.org, which has worldwide grass-roots branches that are fighting climate change from the Maldive Islands to Washington DC. Please check out the website www.350.org ASAP! 

Tracy Ormsbee of the Adirondack Explorer introducing Bill McKibben as Stephanie Ratcliffe, director of The Wild Center, looks on.   


Tracy Ormsbee interviewing Mr. McKibben

Bill McKibben's passionate plea for supportive action. 



Canadian Rockies trip with Road Scholar

Harriet and I recently returned from a wonderful 9-day excursion through the Canadian Rockies with the Road Scholar tour company. We had a wonderful time and met a lot of great people, mostly in our age group and retired like us. The weather was great most of the time except for one day when we were stranded in our tour bus on the Icefields Highway for six hours due to a huge pile-up in a blizzard at around 8000 fett above sea level. Luckily we had boxed lunches and a bathroom in the bus! We spent 4 nights in Banff, two in Lake Louise, and two in Jasper. Please check out the 3-page photo album of my best photos in the Photo gallery webpage!


Thank you Military Officers of America Association!

Yesterday I had the privilege to speak to the Military Officers of America Association in Rexford NY at the prestigious Edison Club on a beautiful late spring day. Thanks to Major "Skip" Bebernitz for inviting me! I met some wonderful and interesting men and women who treated me to a delicious dinner after which I spoke for an hour about my book, "We Were There", three days after the 75th anniversary of the D-Day invasion. I read from my story of Corporal Jack Higgins, who was one of the first men to come ashore on Omaha Beach, fought in the Battle of the Bulge, liberated Dachau concentration camp and narrowly missed being obliterated by a German V-1 "buzz bomb" during World War II. A good time was had by all!