Carol Gregson interview

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of interviewing Carol Gregson, one of my favorite Adirondackers, for Adirondack Life Magazine. She's 93 years young and still a riot to talk with! She gave me a tour of her very neat, rustic and very Adirondack-ish home in Olmstedville. She still has copies of her second book Wet Socks for sale which you can buy from her. You can write her at 1116 CR 29, Olmstedville NY 12857 and send a check for $22 to cover shipping by Media Mail for a signed copy. She will be moving to Queensbury  in the future, so don't wait too long!



The 2018 Outing of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen on Middle Saranac Lake

Six esteemed members of the LEAG (and myself) explored Middle Saranac Lake, Weller Pond and Little Weller Pond on September 27 and 28. The weather was good, the cameraderie was better, and the scenery was exquisite! Check out my new photo album in my gallery!


Paddling on Lake Durant



These images show a beautiful scene as my wife Harriet and I paddled the length of Lake Durant this morning. The sky was gorgeous, the water was calm and warm, and we were the only people on the lake! What the pictures do not show are the thick beds of milfoil below the surface, and the unbelievably annoying swarms of stable flies that were biting us the entire time. I had brought a fly swatter with me since the flies have been very annoying on Indian Lake, but this was ridiculous!! I killed at least 200 flies in 90 minutes (see picture #11) See the whole album in my photo gallery!


Finding the river with the Hornbeck Lovers paddling group

Last Sunday July 8th, Harriet and I joined Tom Bessette's group known as the Hornbeck Lovers Group as they picked the perfect day to paddle the 3-mile Cedar River Fow, then find and paddle up the Cedar River for 1.5 miles. Check out my photo album on my Facebook page at:

and learn more about the Hornbeck Lovers at:


Great turnout at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum!

I had a great time presenting my PowerPoint talk about the role of the B-29 in ending World War II at the Empire State Aerosciences Museum yesterday! The audience was very attentive and asked great questions. I advise anyone interested in the history of aircraft to visit this museum!