See my paddling pictures in Phil Brown's new paddling book!

I was honored to receive a signed copy of Phil Brown's new (second) edition of his wonderful book Adirondack Paddling; 65 Great Flatwater Adventures today. I am especially thrilled to see eight of my own paddling photographs in the book. Phil had asked me if I could provide images of Lower Preston Pond, Cheney Pond, the canoe launch on the Hudson at Athol, the Cedar River Flow, Blue Mountain Lake from Castle Rock, the Marion River, the South Inlet of Raquette Lake, and Shingle Shanty Brook. His original book was the best paddling guide I had ever seen, and now it is even better. If you enjoy flat water paddling in the Adirondacks, you must have this book!


Hometown USA Photoessay now available!

 I have admired the 1944 LOOK Magazine photo-essay since I first saw it hanging on my CPA's office walls in the early 1980's. I was so inspired by it that in 2000 I applied for a LARAC grant to create my own humble photo-essay tribute to my hometown of Glens Falls, which I exhibited in the Gallery of the Crandall Library in Glens Falls, where the LOOK Hometown USA archives are stored. I also began collecting original copies of the seven LOOK issues, and after checking for any copyright concerns (there were none- the copyright expired with the magazine), made high-resolution scans of the seven-part photo-essay. I enlarged the pages and had them printed and mounted for permanent display outside the entrance to the Snuggery at Glens Falls Hospital, where they have hung for almost twenty years.

Now, to comemmorate the 75th anniversary of the LOOK project, I am making it available on this website in low-resolution in the photo gallery, and on CD-ROM in high-resolution. If you would like a copy of the CD-ROM please look on Ebay (just type "Hometown USA CD_ROM" in the Ebay search field and you should find it). If you dont use Ebay then you can email me at and place an order that way. Perhaps someday, someone will take the time to study the hundreds if not thousands of exquisite original  unpublished high-quality color transparencies and B&W negatives stored at the Crandall Library and publish them in some form! Perhaps that could be a future project for the centennial anniversary in 2044!


Great visit to present "We Were There" to the Hour Glass Seniors group 

Yesterday I drove down to Rotterdam to speak to a group of about 60 very inspiring seniors, many of whom had vivid memories of life during World War II, about my WWII book "We Were There". I had a great time and met a couple WWII veterans and widows, and we had a lot to talk about. Thanks to Nola Fiorillo for setting the whole thing up! Here is a picture of the group which I took with my phone, while I was setting up my talk. THere were a lot more people there by the time I started- and no one left!


My trip to the National World War II Museum in New Orleans


Three months ago my wife and I flew to New Orleans to visit the National World War II Museum, which is one of the top five museums in the US and by far the best museum dedicated to WWII in the world. It took two full days to even superficially see all the exhibits, and I was able to meet with Chris Michel, the director of purchasing and the museum store. He was impressed with my book, We Were There, and it is now on sale there!  

The museum is more than a city block in size with at least four separate buildings (so far- there is still a lot of construction going on there). There are over a dozen vintage WWII airplanes on display. I took so many pictures that I have not yet completed the editing. I hope to have an album of images from the museum to view on my website soon. Keep checking back to see!   



Carol Gregson interview

Yesterday I had the great pleasure of interviewing Carol Gregson, one of my favorite Adirondackers, for Adirondack Life Magazine. She's 93 years young and still a riot to talk with! She gave me a tour of her very neat, rustic and very Adirondack-ish home in Olmstedville. She still has copies of her second book Wet Socks for sale which you can buy from her. You can write her at 1116 CR 29, Olmstedville NY 12857 and send a check for $22 to cover shipping by Media Mail for a signed copy. She will be moving to Queensbury  in the future, so don't wait too long!