My trip across "The pond"

 My wife Harriet and i just returned from a trip to Paris and Normany. I hope to post new photo albums of  both places when I get the chance to edit and select some of the 800-odd photos I took.


Almost ready from prime time!

After eight years of work including over 120 images and 91,000 words, my manuscrit for Never a Dull Moment; A Tapestry of Scenes and stories from an Adirondack Medical Practice is ready to go to the publishers for fine tuning and being made ready for publication. It contains forty different vignettes and several essays about the people and landscapes of the Adirondack Park, including World War II veterans, physicians, legends, patients, friends and relatives. Like my first book, it is very personal and intimate, with color photographs and stories that reveal the strength and character of the amazing residents of this very specail part of upstate New York. The lessons these folks teach us however, are universal.

At this time I do not know how soon the book will be ready, but i am hopeful that it will at least be before the end of 2013. I will post more details as I learn them. If you are interested in buying a copy please use the "mailing list" tab on my homepage to add your name to my mailing list. I will also be selling it on along with All in a Day's Work, which is available now.


First day of Spring!?


Just to prove that Global Warming has not yet eliminated winter in the Adirondacks,  

I  took some pictures of the Schroon and Hudson Rivers while doing home visits yesterday, the first day of Spring.

Punxutawney Phil obviously has never visited Warren County, New York!


Return from Brazil- out of the frying pan, into the refridgerator!

Along with my wife Harriet, son Andy, daughter Emily and son-in-law Shawn, I have returned from a wonderful 11-day trip to visit our friends Bob and Sandy Mangels and their son Alan and daughter Laura in Brazil. When we arrived in Rio de Janeiro On December 26th, the city was coincidentally experiencing the hottest day ever on record, at 43.2 degrees Celcius- that's more than 108 Fahrenheit! The only one who was excited about this was Andy, who has a Master's degree in meteorology. We were so tired from our 9 1/2 hour overnight flight from JFK that we hardly noticed, as we were picked up at the airport by our hired guide Manu Peclat's assistant, Eva. She and Manu gave us a first-class two-day tour of the city, including the favellas (self-regulated low-income neighborhoods) , Corcovado Mountain featuring the 132-foot-tall Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking the city, Sugarloaf Mountain with it's spectacular views, Ipanema and Copacabana beaches, several beautiful churches, and many street scenes. We then flew to Sao Paulo and were met by drivers sent by Bob and Sandy who drove us to their beautiful beach house along the Atlantic coast where we spent a fantastic week swimming, body-surfing, hiking, feasting, boating, snorkelling, and celebrating New Years with our dear friends from our college days at Penn State. We had the time of our lives. Please check out my album of selected pictures from our trip in my Photo Album page.


A tribute to Patrick Sisti

My very good friend Patrick Sisti, who was the brains and driving force of our whimsical group known as the "League of Extraordinary Adirondack Gentlemen", died suddenly on October 2nd, only three weeks after he and I had enjoyed a wonderful day together paddling on and flying over Long Lake in the Adirondacks. A professional guide, fly fisherman extraordinaire, and one of the nicest most generous people I have had the pleasure to know, he was doing what he enjoyed most (paddling his beloved Hornbeck boat) when he collapsed. If he had been allowed to choose the manner of his own passing he would probably have scripted the exact same scene- but thirty years later. He will be missed, but not forgotten. Please look at the pictures I have taken of Patrick which are in my photo gallery, and if you click on the link below you will see a crude video of our flight from Long Lake which was taken from the back seat of Tom Helms' Cessna on September 12, 2012. Pat was in the front seat and you only get glimpses of his back, but you can tell he was having a good time. I will never forget that special day with him.